Monday, May 23, 2011

changing your body is a painful thing

so i have been studying with dinesh for over a week now, and over two weeks in total.  my body is changing, and the process is a bit painful, like those pains you got as you were growing as a child.  the shifting of muscles to new places, the loss of fat and the working of the muscles on the bones and posture.  my chest is now more open, and i have definitely gotten more flexible.

but the pains occur daily, as my body shifts.  i hope that i remember this, and keep up with my practice so that i only have to go through this process once.  maybe the pain will serve as a moment to remember, and keep me on the path.

i do hope that by the end of the two-three months of study that i will have a healthy habit under my belt, and of course my ass doesn't hurt.

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