Thursday, May 19, 2011

ashtanga is kicking my ash.

so i am in my second week, and damn this is hard.

after a week at the other shala (school), i dropped out with a small bout of food posioning that lasted two days (but the cramps were hell...think i got it from drinking an offered glass of *water* at cooking class!).  i just didn't want to return and pay the rest, as for what i was paying, i felt neglected as one of the only beginners (one other girl dropped, leaving only one).  and the school seems to be a stepping stone of street cred for serious yogis and teachers that want a pic with the teachers for their own shalas' walls.

screw that.  i am a teacher and i know what makes a good teacher, and i felt that for what was being given, and the lack of attention, time to look around.  luckily it isn't very hard to find a yoga instructor here, you throw a rock and you hit like five.  and as luck would have it one of my classmates at the shala, my friend dinesh from nepal, is a great teacher.  so now i have one-on-ones for a 1/3 of the price and 1000% more attention.  but damn if he isn't more challenging (as we are friends and he cares to see me progress and do things right, rather than just do)!  so my ass, its getting kicked!

i have come far from the zero i was, but ashtanga is difficult.  I am learning the primary series, which lasts for me about an hour and 15 minutes or so.  if i ever get it down so that i am fluid (my teacher says 4-6 months), i am celebrating in such a big way.  here is what i am learning, although obviously no where near the proficiency or level (he is demoing various other postures from other series):

ashtanga demo:

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